Basic Principles KYOHOKAI aims to ensure that Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and its member companies contribute to the development of the world economy and society through a wide variety of activities based on a global and open partnership. Currently, KYOHOKAI has a membership of more than 200 companies. The member companies develop solid relationships with TMC and with each other by participating in various programs organized by KYOHOKAI.
FY2016 Policy Under the harsh environment surrounding the automobile industry, in accordance with TMC’s Global Purchasing Policy, KYOHOKAI aims, in cooperation with TMC, to create ever-better cars and contribute to the development of local communities, as well as to achieve steady and sustainable development so as to open the door to a brighter future.
While further strengthening cooperative relationships with TMC through shared understanding of problems and effective two-way communication, KYOHOKAI will strive together with TMC to promote mutual trust and mutual prosperity, to protect Japanese “monozukuri”(manufacturing), to work on various issues centering on safety and quality to further promote global expansion, and to strengthen true competitiveness by promoting monozukuri reform based on TNGA.
Membership Number of member companies: 224
Number of directors: 29
History KYOHOKAI was established in December 1943. Later, three separate regional chapters—“Kanto KYOHOKAI,” “Tokai KYOHOKAI” and “Kansai KYOHOKAI”—were established, each carrying out its activities independently. These three organizations were reunited on April 1, 1999 to form the present KYOHOKAI.
Functions General Assembly The General Assembly, composed of representatives of all member companies, deliberates and makes decisions on important matters of the organization, such as business plans and budgets.
Board of Directors The Board of Directors, composed of directors selected from among the member companies, discusses and defines the general direction of the operation of the organization.
Planning Committee The Planning Committee, composed of chairpersons of committees and sectional meetings, develops specific plans for the operation of the organization.
Regional Administration Committees Each regional committee (Kanto, Tokai and Kansai) plans and manages activities in its respective region.
Body & Unit Parts Sectional Meetings With the participation of all member companies and sales managers from Toyota Motor Corporation, the Sectional Meetings serve as the official arena for exchanging information.
Theme-specific Research Groups Theme-specific Research Groups conduct research on timely topics and themes, as well as making proposals to the top management of Toyota Motor Corporation and member companies.
Safety and Health Committee Based on the recognition that safety and health activities are basic to all production activities, the Safety and Health Committee promotes this basic principle in a concrete manner, thereby contributing to the autonomous implementation of safety and health activities in member companies.
Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee widely disseminates information on KYOHOKAI activities to member companies.
It also communicates information on Toyota Motor Corporation to member companies.

Annual events Headquarters events
  • ・General Assembly Meeting
  • ・General Board of Directors Meeting
  • ・Executive Round Table
    Representatives from member companies gather to exchange their ideas and opinions on timely issues.
  • ・Business Management Lectures
    Prominent speakers are invited from inside and outside the country to develop deeper insights into management issues.
  • ・Theme Lectures
    Lectures are organized on various themes to enable member companies to choose to attend those that are of particular interest to them.
  • ・Regional Golf Competitions
    Regional golf competitions are organized as opportunities for representatives of member companies to interact with each other and build friendships.
Regional events
  • ・Regional Board of Directors Meeting
  • ・Safety and Health Research Activities (Tokai region)
  • ・Representative Liaison Meetings (Kanto and Kansai regions)
  • ・Group Discussions (Kanto region)
Location of the Secretariat Toyota Kaikan G Floor,
1 Toyota-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken, 471-8571 JAPAN
Tel: 81-565-28-3395
Fax: 81-565-28-6704